I spend a lot of time walking around in the woods and talking to trees, and squirrels, and little rabbits and stuff. Water’s like me. It’s laaazy … Boy, it always looks for the easiest way to do things I really recommend you use odorless thinner or your spouse is gonna run you right out into the yard and you’ll be working by yourself. Everybody needs a friend. In your world you can create anything you desire. You’re meant to have fun in life.

Don’t hurry. Take your time and enjoy. Let your imagination be your guide. Now we don’t want him to get lonely, so we’ll give him a little friend. It’s cold, but it’s beautiful. If we’re gonna walk though the woods, we need a little path.

You want your tree to have some character. Make it special. But we’re not there yet, so we don’t need to worry about it. Use what happens naturally, don’t fight it. Even the worst thing we can do here is good.